Our Extremely Happy Customers

“I have referred several clients to Heartland for DNA testing services, and they have gone above and beyond to not only ensure testing was done quickly, but also maintained contact with me throughout the process. They are willing to travel to collect a DNA sample and will also make appointments work around the client’s schedule. Overall, my experience with Heartland DNA has been fantastic!”

Shannon, Social Worker

“Heartland DNA is an incredibly quick and effective way to receive DNA results. Laura Dominik is a breeze to work with and is never hard to reach. She is flexible with location and scheduling and the results come quick. Heartland is always my go to for my DNA testing needs, she is a case manager’s dream!”

Brianna, Foster Care Case Manager

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    “I have had the pleasure of working with Heartland DNA on a few occasions, and have found Laura to be extremely professional and entirely appropriate in the gathering of information and required samples. Additionally, Laura is very prompt in responding to communication, and was very easy to work with in getting appointments scheduled. I especially appreciated that she was “mobile” and able to travel in order to obtain the necessary information and samples. I highly recommend Heartland DNA.”


    “I have had several clients that have worked with Heartland DNA and every time this company has gone above and beyond to ensure that the test is done. There have been clients two to three hours away and this company found a way to get the tests done that I need for court. The tests are done accurately and quickly. Every time I speak with Ms. Dominik she is so sweet and very knowledgeable about DNA testing and will look for alternative ideas if one needs to be found. This company is one that I happily use and refer to my peers.”

    Social Worker
    “I owe Laura the biggest debt of gratitude for all she did for my client. After months of waiting, my young client was able to start receiving her Social Security benefits. It was quite a battle, but I couldn’t have done it without Laura and her perseverance. She is a miracle worker.”
    Marilyn, Licensed Professional Counselor

    “I had the pleasure of working with Laura Dominik and Heartland DNA for a paternity test for my baby son who is now about to turn 1 year old. My boyfriend (father of my baby) passed away unexpectedly and tragically just two weeks prior to the birth. It was (and still is) an incredibly confusing and emotional time for me. Since we were not married and he could not sign the birth certificate in person, the only way to legally establish paternity was by a post-mortem test. Laura helped me to navigate this complex process which included obtaining DNA from the medical examiner who performed his autopsy to be held at the lab until Laura could swab my baby’s cheek for his collection at the hospital upon his birth a few weeks later. Laura’s expert knowledge, and her kind and wonderful soul, helped me delicately handle this small but absolutely crucial piece of the puzzle that my life had suddenly become. She earned my trust and has my wholehearted recommendation to anyone in need of this type of service. Many, many thanks to Laura and Heartland DNA”


    “Thank you for the quick resolution of my recent DNA question. I received a letter from a lady I was engaged to back in the mid-1950’s stating she and I had a daughter. I don’t know why it took her 62 years to decide to tell me, but thankfully she did. I received her letter in August of 2018 and I contacted Heartland DNA about 2 weeks later to test Cherrie (daughter in question) and me. Our DNA test confirmed Cherrie was indeed my daughter. At 81 years old I was able to fly to San Antonio, Texas to meet my daughter for the first time in our lives on October 2, 2018. I stayed with her and her husband until October 5; we had a wonderful visit. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful work uniting our family.”

    David and Cherrie