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Hello! As the owner of Heartland DNA, I want to thank you for visiting my website for information on DNA testing. DNA testing is a clinical, scientific process but the reasons for doing a DNA test all have a natural human emotional component and are often stressful for everyone involved.

Virtually everyone I talk to has unanswered questions about DNA testingWhat test do I need? How is the DNA collected? When will the results be available? These unanswered questions can be the biggest contributors to the stress of DNA testing and finding answers on the internet can be confusing and sometimes misleading.

For these reasons, my goal is to provide a positive, informative, personal experience for all of my clients. This starts with the first call to determine the type of test you need based on the specifics of your situation. I will take notes to refresh my memory of your case so if/when you call back, you won’t have to explain your situation again. I am always available to answers questions so don’t stew on a question – just give me a call!

It isn’t always feasible for clients to come in during normal business hours so I offer flexible scheduling including weekend and after-hour appointments. I do DNA collections in my office in Independence and mobile collections in the Kansas City metro area and surrounding communities at hospitals, incarceration facilities, attorney’s offices, etc. If one of the parties is outside this area, I can arrange to have their DNA collected at a facility close to them. The area in my office where I collect DNA is a basic office space – not a stark white lab space that can be intimidating, especially to children.

A word on children…If you have a child that needs to be swabbed but because of their tender age you don’t want us to discuss the DNA testing and why they are being tested in front of them, please let me know ahead of time so we can make an alternative plan. With a wink to the parent, I’ve been known to swab children’s cheeks to test how much sugar they missed when they last brushed their teeth. And please explain to them there are no needles involved and the test is painless. If you would like to “practice” with your child ahead of time, rub a cotton-tipped swab against the inside of their cheek for a count of ten. That’s all there is to it!

When the test results are sent to my email, I will call you and any other parties involved to read you the results so I can answer any remaining questions. I then email or send a copy of the results to each party for their records. If your attorney needs a copy, just let me know and I can get the results to them, as well.

DNA testing is stressful even under the best conditions. I strive to provide the best conditions I can for all of my clients so I hope to hear from you to discuss your DNA testing needs and questions.

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Cindy Pritchard

“We used Heartland DNA and were very pleased with the knowledge and expertise of Laura! She was kind and put our young girl that had to be tested at ease during the DNA testing. It was a quick and painless experience. She came to our home in a timely manner and the results came back quickly. Most definitely would recommend Heartland DNA!”

About the Owner

Laura Dominik

Heartland DNA is a culmination of my years of education and experience in professional fields including accounting, paramedicine, executive-level administration, and non-profit volunteering and consulting. Regardless of the job, the thing I enjoy most is meeting, talking to, and helping people. I get to do all of those things at Heartland DNA so I truly enjoy my work!

When I’m not working, I volunteer in roles at a few non-profits where I also get to meet, talk to, and help people. I serve on the Disaster Response Team for Heart-to-Heart International providing medical aid to people in disasters both in the United States and abroad. It’s very rewarding to know you are addressing immediate needs directly to those in need.

I love reading so I was honored to be asked in 2016 to serve on the Kansas City Library Board of Trustees representing the city of Independence. The services the library offers are available to everyone so check out our website or stop by one of the branches. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn we are much more than just books!

Advocating for animals and animal welfare is also a passion of mine. Heartland DNA fills my wallet but what fills my heart is being a voice for the voiceless. Animals offer unconditional love that you can’t find anywhere else. Those who work in animal welfare leave it all on the table every day when it comes to animals in need – blood, sweat, tears, and love. They sacrifice higher salaries to save lives and make lasting changes in their communities to advance the health and well-being of animals. It is my hope that someday Heartland DNA will have so many clients that I can offer part-time work to those miracle workers to help bridge the financial gaps they experience. Your business and word-of-mouth can help me help them!

There are plenty of competitors in the DNA testing business so I thank you for considering Heartland DNA for your DNA testing needs. Give me a call to discuss your situation so we can work together to determine what DNA testing best fits your needs!


Laura Dominik

P.S. My home is also in Independence and under the control of Chloe, my Rescued Dachshund. Those of you who have any experience with dachshunds know exactly what I mean!

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