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DNA and DNA testing

What is DNA?

Each of us has a unique genetic makeup known as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA, for short) which is passed along to us from our biological parents.  

DNA Testing

Comparing the DNA of individuals through a DNA test can often determine whether or not a genetic connection exists. 

The results of DNA testing are only admissible in court for judicial matters if chain-of-custody is maintained.  Though we do offer DNA testing that does not maintain the chain-of-custody, we highly recommend that DNA testing be done to maintain the chain-of-custody. The difference in the costs between the two types of DNA testing is minimal and, in most every situation, the results are needed for legal and/or judicial matters.     

Reasons to have a DNa test

Determine Paternity

Beyond the peace of mind it provides, there are several important legal reasons to identify the father of a child through a DNA Paternity Test. 

  • Accuracy of birth certificates and tax forms 
  • Child custody legal proceedings 
  • Child support legal proceedings
  • Child's rights to potentially receive benefits including: medical insurance, Social Security and Veteran benefits, inheritance rights including life insurance payouts 
  • Adding a child to father's insurance policy when his name is not on the birth certificate
  • Concerns of infidelity  

Paternity and maternity DNA tests can conclusively identify genetic connections. Our genetics laboratory ensures you receive the most accurate and conclusive results for your DNA test. We routinely achieve results which indicate there is a 99.99% or higher probability of verification of paternity/maternity (inclusion) and 100% probability in cases in which paternity/maternity can be excluded.   

Determine Other Biological Connections

DNA testing can rule in or out other biological connections required for legal proceedings or just for peace of mind. 

  • Immigration
  • Inheritance rights contested after the death of a family member 
  • DNA testing prior to death to avoid a will being contested when time is of the essence for the release of assets from an estate after death
  • Determination of birth parents after an adoption
  • Having DNA information on file for people serving in high risk professions

why choose heartland dna?

Personal Professional Service - DNA testing is a personal matter so we offer the highest level of personal professional service to our clients  -  from the first time you reach out to us to the time we provide you with your test results.  We are always available to answer your questions.

Mobile Collections - When necessary, we can do mobile collections in the Kansas City metro area and surrounding communities to hospitals, attorney offices, incarceration facilities, etc.

Competitive Pricing - Because we are a small, local business, we are able to provide extremely competitive pricing for the same services provided at large, national companies.

Flexible Appointment Scheduling - Appointments available daily including before and after work hours and on weekends.    

Local Business - We are happy to be a successful local business which we couldn't be without you.

Thank you for considering Heartland DNA for help in answering your questions regarding genetic connections through DNA testing!    

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